8 Tips To Decorate Your Home In A Minimalist Style

You will no longer think that decorating your home in a minimalist style is difficult if you know these 8 tips below.

Minimalist home decoration is one of the most popular and popular interior design trends today. Are you “fascinated” by the simplicity, sophistication, and harmony that this style brings? Are you preparing for the “renovation” to have a minimalist “standard” home? Take to heart these 8 tips before you get started!

1. Decorate with solid or neutral colors

The first thing you cannot ignore when embarking on the “work” of minimizing the house is to pay attention to color. For wall or interior paint, use light, neutral or monochromatic color sets, such as in the photo below

Source: Fab Mood

2. Get rid of unnecessary items

Living in a minimalist home means you will have to say goodbye to cluttered areas in the house. To do this, clean up and get rid of unnecessary items, especially on bookshelves or countertops. For items that are rarely used, keep them all in the drawer!

Say goodbye to messy areas in the house! (Source: Pinterest)

3. Accentuate with a few standout decorations

You can completely add to your minimalist home a few decorative items to highlight, for example, a painting or a clock. However, you also pay attention not to decorating too much to avoid creating a sense of clutter and confusion for your room space!

The simple black and white picture make this kitchen stand out (Source: Pinterest)

4. Make sure there is always free space in the room

One of the important elements that make up the minimalist style of the house is the empty space. The gaps in the room will make the space more spacious, and at the same time contribute to making the “highlights” of the room more prominent.

Don’t forget to “leave” free space in your room (Source: Home Designing)

5. Wipe down flat surfaces

For a minimalist home, the interior of the house is usually clean, has clear lines, and has flat surfaces. Therefore, cleaning these surfaces not only makes the room “smoother” a lot but can also bring a pleasant feeling when you step into the room!

Dirt is the “strong enemy” of that minimalist house! (Source: Pinterest)

6. Use decorations with different designs and materials

In order for the space of the room not to be too… boring, you can decorate it by combining items with diverse designs and materials. Thanks to that, the room still retains its minimalistic character but is not monotonous.

This one takes a similar approach with a textural accent wall and an emphasis on natural wood. The sculptural lighting adds a subtle artistic element to the design.

Visualizer: NUKO Studio

7. Always “accompany” with the light

That’s right, minimalist homes can’t be without natural light. Regularly open the windows to “catch” the rays of the sun! In addition, when choosing curtains, you should also prioritize thin and light-colored curtains to give the room as much light as possible.

Minimalist house and light are a “very close couple” (Source: Pinterest)

8. Put simple things in the house

Simple items can sometimes become extremely eye-catching if you know how to combine them with other furniture in the house!

For example, if your home has white walls and a white sofa like the photo below, you can put colorful pillows on the sofa or hang a picture on the wall so that the wall is not “empty”.

Source: Livspace

Hopefully, after this article, you have given yourself some ideas to decorate your home. Wish you a good day!

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