11 Decor Items to Make Your House Look More Stylish

Having a space full of excitement and joy is what we always aim for. But you always wonder how to decorate your living space beautifully, catch up with the trend, be luxurious and save as much budget as possible. Instead of focusing on large and expensive furniture, these “small but powerful” items will help you unleash your living space to the style you want.

1. Picture

Your hobbies and favorites don’t have to be tucked away in a drawer or closet. An expensive-looking home always showcases the owner’s unique, fun items, which is especially important in celebrity home decor. It could be old family photos, your guitar hanging on the wall, your favorite records or albums, or your favorite fashion and beauty items.


2. Statue

This is an important element to add a charming touch to the house. You can choose the type of statue you like to add to the house’s aesthetics. And also do not forget to arrange and clean the desk regularly so that the decoration can promote its full effect.


3. Scented candles

Scented candles are no longer merely a sleep aid, but also a decoration for your home. Don’t let it wander, consider the whole house to find the right location. Besides scented candles, you can combine them with a flowerpot with a special shape. You can add flowers, whether real or fake, that will instantly make the space look brighter and more stylish.

Scented candles

4. Soap

You spend so much time washing your hands, why not make it a luxury experience? There are many types of soap/hand sanitizer in a variety of shapes and bottles for you to choose from. Try giving your bathroom a little splash so it can energize you.


5. Tray

Instead of placing all your utensils/accessories/cosmetics right on the surface, use a variety of eye-catching trays. No matter what item it is, using trays to store them will make them look stylish instead of lying on the surface. This method is perfectly suitable if you intentionally want to pop something in the middle of a space such as keys, wallets, etc.


6. Perfume

You spent a lot of money on your perfume, so why not show it off? It’s also a great way to bring something you love into the rest of your home. Don’t put them in the closet, or on the dressing table in the bedroom, try new corners.


7. Books

It doesn’t matter if you are a book lover or just love the look of a book. You can use books to breathe life into your home. Some ways to use books include choosing books with vibrant color covers for accents, or can be stacked to form a display surface for other items…


8. Lovely kitchenware

Whether you are passionate about cooking or not, you cannot neglect taking care of the kitchen. Investing in kitchenware with designs, materials, and colors… not only arouses the joy of cooking but also contributes to upgrading your home. Without spending too much budget, you can still have a really flattering kitchen.


9. Pillowcases

You can optionally change the pillowcase according to the season or whenever you feel bored to refresh your living space. If you want to subtly change the look of your home without spending a lot of money, this is a suggestion worth considering.


10. Night light

Instead of overhead lights, always prioritize choosing a few unique lights in your bedroom. Not only is nightlight lighting really better for sleep, but it also adds a bit of style to the room.

Night light

11. Drinking glasses

Having pretty glassware in your home will enhance your home bar, or simply increase your sense of satisfaction every time you use your favorite items. It is a fact that, when enjoying any drink with a lovely cup, an ordinary drink also becomes much more delicious.


Hopefully, after this article, you have given yourself some ideas to make your home more stylish. Wish you a good day!

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